One In A Million

“One in a million” is a six point process designed to make sure you receive the best and highest quality standards of diamonds from all other comparable stones in the market. It is designed to provide the customer the perfect balance between the bang and the buck.


Responsible Sourcing

We strive to be as transparent as possible to ensure that our diamonds are responsibly sourced and have the least environmental and social impact.


Technical & Financial

Prices and quality vary widely between stones with identically graded characteristics, we go a step further in identifying stones that provide the best value in a given price range


Impartial Recommendation

We do not own the diamonds we recommend – we find them. We search far and wide from trusted, ethical sources and only propose the stones we truly believe in.


Beyond the C’s

Our Beyond the C’s approach is exclusively based on the beauty of the stone known as the “make”. The make is our visual interpretation of the stone based on it’s fire, brightness and scintillation.


The Certificate

We propose diamonds exclusively certified by the
Gemological Institute Of America (GIA), the most trusted grading authority for the diamond trade globally.


Unbiased selection

We leave the final selection of the diamond to you. A set of the three best diamonds are placed in front of your eyes for you to choose, allowing you to pick the one you feel connected to.

You ask. We serve.

Our shopping experience is carefully designed with you in mind. 

Ring Sizing for perfect fit

luxury packaging

insured shipping

Personalized Engraving

Shanzay guarantee